Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Movin' On Up

One of the great things I achieved with finishing school was the means to get a lease on a house. Why a lease? Well at this moment I don't think I'm going to be in town for too many years; the apartment was WAY too small; and this house is within 1 minute of school since I've decided to take a few grad courses to keep the grant money rolling in.

Its a 2150 sq ft 2 bed, 1 study, and 2.5 bath. The rooms are all very large. The house seems a perfect place for me and the gf to move everything we own into it. The cats have much more room to play and to sleep.

Currently, the job prospect at Austal fell through. They seem to need more Mechanical Engineers. My talents allow me to play in a lot of different fields and hold hybrid positions (and this is what they were discussing with me), but they need more specifics at the moment. There are other opportunities around at the moment so not all hope is lost. I have not negotiated a salary at my current place of employment and there are a few places I will be applying to within the next few weeks. I hope by mid-January to be settled in for whatever job I end up at.

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