Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Updates and hopefully catching up

Well here's an update:

Relationship with my previous gf ended, now dating a new girl named Julie whom I have known for an even longer period of time. She's a Computer Engineer too!

I've recently moved out to Melbourne, FL to pursue a career with Harris Corporation. Harris is a major player with the DoD in the realm of communications. They make top-notch battle-tested communications equipment for quite a few government branches including the military. They have about 6500 employees in this area alone and 4 separate, major campuses. I've got a huge opportunity here to work with some really high tech stuff. They've given me a signing bonus and paid moving expenses, so everything is working well so far!

Unfortunately I had to move away from Mobile, AL. I didn't have too many friends left in the city as I stopped working in and hanging out with the food service crowd once I returned to school. I do have a niece there though and I'm sure gonna miss her. I guess I'll miss the rest of the family too. :)

I'm hoping I can keep this as an update for anyone curious as to what I'm doing.

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