Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Day After

So maybe after watching last night's Southpark episode, I might have been a bit grossed out.  Anyone else?

I love Southpark. They are able to point at glaring holes in everything from politics to religion and exploit them for great satire.  I wonder if last night's episode was more about shock-value.

For those of you that don't know, it involves George Lucas and Steven Speilberg RAPING Indiana Jones.  At first it is metaphorically and there is some auditory assistance.  Later on, however, Stan begins having very visual dreams and other characters have very vivid flashbacks of what they "saw" in the movie.  And its extremely graphic... I cannot believe they got that on TV.  Not that I say it shouldnt be there, but you'd think the censors would come out in full-force against that one.  I'm still waiting on the fallout from it; but may be waiting a while because of all the market calamity.

Here's a link to a nice description

GM is burning! Hoorah!  Years of mismanagement, overpaying workers to build shit-cars and shit-trucks, and resistance to mandatory regulations (like seatbelts!) are finally cashing in.  I made a prediction 2 years ago that GM would crash and burn in 5 years.  I started thinking they might possibly turn it around, but now they've got the Volt rushed (when the Li-Ion batteries catch fire, you heard it from me!) and their massive financial losses without corrective actions are coming to bite them in the ass!

Let em burn!!!!

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