Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where does the greener grass grow?

Here I am again.  I've brought the cliche' "long overdue update" again.  I might even push it further by not posting again for several years.  It appears a couple things have changed with regards to the blog itself; its more of a google-owned entity now and it shows - much more mature software.

I've got 1 month and 28 days left until I finally graduate college.  It appears the last post I made was in a time long ago and a galaxy far, far away.  I know what happened and I know why I'm here.  I'll let my hard work speak for itself and leave it at that.

Car has been giving me fits lately.  Replaced an O-ring on the head-to-waterpump neck (it was missing).  Water that came out from its removal dripped into the alternator.  So I guess I felt like being a dumbass and cranking the car before the water evaporated.  Two days later, the alternator-is-dead light came on when I went to get the mail.  $150 later, I've got a lifetime warrantied refurb in there cranking out the amps.

A/C still doesnt work, I guess thats my next project.  I dont see myself being able to fix it in a reasonable amount of time, however.  I have a feeling that its the evaporator being old causing the system to lose the R134.  Unforunately, it is located behind the passenger-side airbag and requires removing the entire dash.  Wouldnt you know it, the dash in the SC300 is supremely time consuming to remove.  If I do all that work, I'm going to want new interior parts too.

Turbo kit and parts are sitting in my apartment... still.  Megasquirt2 is assembled over on my bench.  I've been putting it off.  Mainly due to anxiety of it not working in the car since I used a bobo-made DB37 cable for my hacked harness.  I have a new half-harness from diyautotune sitting in front of me.  I'm assembling a new DB37 cable with it and will be making a better conversion harness for my SC300 after its built.  I bought a nice heat gun for it too.  Lots of stuff to do on that front, but its still: MS2 on stock fuel, install bigger injectors and tune, install turbokit and tune, be happy.

I'm done for tonight.  Too much coding, too little sleep.  Is it bad when you have the same dream over and over again but alternating in C#, 68K assembly, and VHDL?

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