Monday, December 12, 2005

Kyoto Revisited

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After my harsh assessment earlier in the week about the Bush admin's stance on the Kyoto Treaty, I did a little research into possible reasons WHY they would decline an obviously positive thing.

Turns out, its not so positive. Liberal media has decided to take it upon themselves to CREATE the Admin's reasoning for not joining. I say create, because their main reason was because of the motives behind this treaty.

Its common knowledge that the United States is hated in the world. Whether you want to claim that we deserve it, or claim that its envy; thats beside the point. The point being is that the United Nations and the World Court system is run by a bunch of people and countries that hate the United States. France, Russia, Germany, the Middle East, China, etc. Its become a total farce... weak and "weekly government" African countries have as much power as stronger nations and its very pathetic and weak.

Where am I going with this? Well the penalties of not reaching these goals, is that people in your country (not sure if its the admin or corp-heads or what) are brought to TRIAL in the World Court. That doesnt sound too bad on the outside; until you realize this organization (and almost all worldwide organizations) are run by people that hate us (for whatever reason you choose to believe). The people that would be doing the inspections are run by people that hate us. They want to take us down; they hate our culture and they hate the way we handle things. We all have our opinions of that and I'm doing nothing but stating the truth.

Do you want a super-biased team coming into our country and "finding" something that we arent doing right and then unilaterally skipping the government's involvement and holding you responsible? I don't. They seem to complain that we "police the world" and state of how much more moral authority that they have because of it. And well, this is the same thing. They can complain about how we don't donate enough money to worldwide charitable causes; who donated more money than every European nation combined to the Tsunami disaster? But when protestors peacefully march in China, because the government stripped them of their land, is creating a power-station in that area, then shoots the protestors, and then offers money to the families of victims in a hush-hush way of removing the evidence(bodies)? That to me is HORRIBLE. This info wasnt even on the news. I've had to find out more detailed info and information on Sydney's anti-Arab movement with online sources.

The liberal media doesnt report these things. I renounce my disappointment from my previous article :) Bush had WAY more people supporting him (especially people in Congress) than what the media wanted me to believe.

I can't say I'm suprised. One day they will get their due. You're supposed to report a informational and un-biased (as unbiased as possible anyway) statement of world events. Not covering up some facts and fabricating others out of thin air.

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