Saturday, December 10, 2005

"What more noble and dignified pursuit could there be than pushing the envelope of what we were meant to be?"

Posted on Nov 30th:
Good quote from a place I read often. I've taken 2 weeks off for my own benefit, for thanksgiving, etc. Its now time to jump back on the train
Colts beat the Steelers in a real showcase, 26-7. The only points the Steelers scored was because of an interception return to the Colts 7 yard line. They held the Steelers to 197 total yards in the entire game and around 50-60 rushing yards. The Steelers are arguably the best rushing team in the NFL and they pride themselves on being a smashmouth, in your face defense that runs the ball down your throat and controls the clock. Depending on the ranking polls you go by, the Steelers are/were the #2 or #3 team in the NFL (IMO #3 behind the Broncos).
But the Colts whipped them bad, showing that they are the best by leaving no one else any legitimate claims at the #1 spot. First play of the game, Manning went deep to Marvin Harrison for 80 yards for a TD. Their largest TD pass ever as a combo and the largest Pittsburgh has ever given up while Cowler was coach (since 1992).
Later boys and girls, gotta go run again. This cold air will be great.

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