Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally a paycheck comes

Well after a long ordeal of not having cash and having to borrow it from seemingly everyone to get by, I'll have my first paycheck tomorrow. It will only be a half paycheck, but since everything is taken care of for the moment, I should be ok for the time being. It will even be enough to get some Christmas presents for everyone back home! :)

Hans seems to be chewing his fur off again, I have no idea why. I'm wondering if this is a food allergy or something. Speaking of allergies, it appears that Tyler's problem with ear fluid is going away. He repeatedly has sliced his head open by scratching his ear too hard. He literally pulled off a layer of skin. He's had some issues with getting this black crap built up in his ear and it only began (and apparently ended) when I began living at that house near USA campus (the one owned by the psycho landlady). Well his ear is healing well now. When I came back to Mobile for Lisa's convocation ceremony, I left him and Checkers by themselves. I fully expected to see his ear cut open again, but I arrived at home to find the scabs untouched and it healing. So far he's doing well and it looks like some fur is started to come back. A vet told me it might be an allergy to something and it appears that he was correct. Either way I'm glad, Tyler is a much more friendly and happy kitty lately. He and his sister have got a TON of room to sneak around and play in.

One thing I've noticed around here while driving is that Florida drivers for the most part are better than Alabama drivers. They actually pay attention to what they're doing. However, they are much more rude. I can't count how many times I've witnessed someone needing to get over and watching someone else block them from moving for no apparent reason. Honestly there's no real reason to act that way. I've also had to learn the traffic patterns around town. The patterns change depending on the time of day; its very odd. When leaving for work it is fastest for me to head down US1 and turn onto Palm Bay Rd. But when going home, I can only go up US1 about halfway before I run into gridlock traffic. It blows my mind why it works out this way, but traffic will block for a full mile around Eau Gallie Blvd around 5:30.

As far as hobby projects, I think I'm going to work on two projects for the next 6 months. Once I get the Lexus here, I plan on finishing that up. I didn't have much farther to go and only needed to spend a couple hundred more dollars. The second project is to build a tabletop gaming table. I've had a couple ideas in the past and I'm now inspired by some stuff I've seen on a few blogs.

Anywho, I'm headed to bed in a bit.

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