Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My puppy tries my patience

So my dog has decided to eat the faux-tile in the house. I walked in from work yesterday and stood in shock as there was a huge section of the floor missing and showing nothing but foundation. So needless to say, Hans is primarily an outside puppy during the day.

And now he's dug a hole on top of the sprinkler system piping; I'm going to have to fill it and figure out how to keep him from digging there in the future.

Work finally got exciting today as I received my loaner laptop for the project that I'm working on. I already had a lot of code done free-hand, but now have finished a lot more and have the program decoding the GPS data. Tomorrow I should be able to refine the code and also get a more advanced (and better looking) GUI setup. What I've got in mind is pretty awesome and it shouldn't be too hard to code. I may not even need the mathematics that my program manager claims. We will see.

I found out today that my niece Reagan has gotten a bit sick over the past few days and I'm pretty worried about her. I hope she's ok. Also, Julie gets here tomorrow! I'm super excited as I've really missed her being around. We're also probably going to go out and get christmas presents for each other and our families. Its going to be an AWESOME weekend, especially since I have Friday off too.

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